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GitHub Actions

Hello 👋

I'm Michael and I love GitHub Actions. I work on a team that's built a complex platform to solve exactly the problems we need it to. Of course, this comes at a cost.

Data is stored across multiple repos, with various submodules and test suites that all need to stay in sync. People were struggling to make changes because our workflows were... well, they made doing your taxes look fun. They were repetitive, yet somehow still error prone at the same time.

Then GitHub Actions came along and solved all our problems. What was a complex process involving commits to multiple repos suddenly became as simple as merging a pull request. The time taken to validate changes and get them merged dropped from 20 minutes to 60 seconds overnight.

That was back in October 2018. Since then, I've built over a dozen GitHub Actions to automate our workflows with even more in the works. I've learned which libraries to use when building Actions, how to test them locally and how to build tools to make building Actions even easier. Now, I want to show you how to do the same.

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It's like If This Then That, but for GitHub!

Sure, you can use it to run your tests when a pull request is opened, but there's so much more you can do.

You specify which GitHub events you’re interested in and how you want your workflow to respond to those events. GitHub manages the execution of that workflow, provides rich feedback and, better still, lets you do this using your favourite programming language.

What's in the book

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Build your first Action

Learn how to build a GitHub Action, customise it with inputs, and build a workflow to run the action in response to various triggers in the GitHub ecosystem

Testing Actions locally

The feedback cycle of commit, push, wait takes too long when you're building an Action. Learn how to test complete workflows locally, and how to write unit tests for your actions.

Maintainance Tips and Tricks

Writing an action isn't where the story ends. Learn how to document, version and debug your actions as you build a community of users

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The book in PDF and ePub Format

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The book in PDF and ePub Format

Source code access

Screencasts covering all of the exercises from the book

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The book in PDF and ePub Format

Source code access

Screencasts covering all of the exercises from the book

Access to a community of GitHub Actions builders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for beginners?

The book was written with beginners in mind. It takes you through the process of building your first Action and workflow step by step using JavaScript. It explains all of the concepts you need to know, and provides the source code for each chapter to read at your own pace.

What if I don't know JavaScript?

Don't worry! In Chapter 5 we build an action using Bash so that you can learn how things work under the hood without any libraries hiding the implementation details. With this knowledge, you'll be able to build actions in any language you like!

Can I upgrade to a more complete package later?

Absolutely. Reply to your purchase receipt and we'll make it happen for you.

Is the book kept up to date with GitHub Actions changes?

Of course! Actions is still a relatively new tool, which means that there will be new tools and best practices released regularly. You'll get updates free of charge as the book is updated with these changes.

Can I get a physical copy?

We only offer PDF and epub versions of the book at the moment.

Can I get a refund?

Of course! Reply to your purchase receipt within 2 weeks of purchase and you'll get a full refund.

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